Palác Akropolis

Palác Akropolis Kubelíkova 1548/27, Prague

PALÁC AKROPOLIS — MAZE OF CULTURAL EVENTS! Centre of independent culture offering unique music, theatre and art projects


Activation of your senses by music, theatre, dance, contemporery circus, exhibitions, workshops, travel discussion evenings and festivals.

Key figures of various fields are invited and we bring you also huge music and multimedia events.

Realisation of exhibitions that are thematically following the current programme of all stages in Palac Akropolis. We exhibit new creations and from amateur to fine art students to renowned artists.

OPportunity for young music groups. We enable young musicians to perform on the one of the most prestige club scenes in Prague and simultaneously be heard by new audiences and establish connections with music producers. Every month we prepare EuroConnections – original European music groups who are able to premiere their works. We are your reliable guide in current music trends.

We Organise support for experimental, nonverbal and physical theatre projects. We provide a scene for art groups with traditions in community theatre, social-criticism performance whichfocuses on current social issues. Starting from 2012, we are introducing contemporary circus.Together with the centre for new circus Cirqeuon we organise the festival Cirkopolis, which connects the new circus with dance and physical theatre. Festival always invites several foreign groups and annually brings the world premiere of Cirkopolis.

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Palác Akropolis, Prague